5 Ways to Choose Topics For Your Podcast  

5 Ways to Choose Topics For Your Podcast  

When you started your podcast, you had a dream. You had an idea that you believed would help the world to be a better place. But unless you are able to continually develop new topics to talk about, you will soon find yourself running out of ideas. And when you  Funny Interview Podcast run out of ideas to talk about, you end up talking about the same things over and over again. This will end up driving listeners away, not drawing new listeners in. You need to be able to come up with new topics on a consistent basis in order to keep your podcast informative and interesting.

  1. Use Your Passion For Choosing Your Topics

One of the easiest things to talk about is whatever your passion is! People tuning in to listen to your podcast will be able to tell, almost immediately, if you truly believe the things you are saying. They will be able to detect the passion in your voice and in the amount of information you are providing.

It is easier to listen for 20-30 minutes (or more) to someone who is passionate about their subject manner than someone who is providing a ton of information, but does not really have an interest in the topic (think about somebody reading an encyclopedia on the air! How boring that would be – even though there would be a lot of valid information provided)!

So try to find a way to talk about your passions in your podcast. It will help you to develop a solid listening audience.

  1. Use Your Listener Feedback From Your Prior Episodes

If you have received emails or comments with questions from some of your listeners, use those questions as topics for future podcasts! You already know there is an interest in that topic!

Even if the comments were negative (i.e. they did not agree with your opinion), you can use that comment and provide the “other side’s viewpoint” and then possibly develop a clear and concise counter-argument to support your initial discussion. You may also invite the person who wrote the comment on for an interview to discuss the topic. There are so many different ways to go when you know people are listening and asking questions!

  1. Stick With Your Niche

When you developed your podcast, you probably had a very specific idea. This is your “niche market.” Keep within the confines of your niche and you will be able to develop a reputation for being and “expert” on your topic.

If you try to be “the expert of all things” you will soon find yourself considered the “expert of nothing.” Stay with your passion. Stay with your niche. You will be rewarded for it with loyal listeners!

If you are in a very broad niche, try to “niche it down” to a very specific target market. Do not get “too specific” because that will limit who may tune in also.

For example, you may decide you want to have an interview podcast for discussing healthcare with doctors. That is a pretty broad market – even though you are only focusing on doctors. You could niche down to Family Practices. You can niche that down further to “Family Practices Physicians in the Inner Cities.”

By zeroing in on your target market, you will be able to develop a listener base who will consider you the “expert” on that market, even though the information you are gathering is strictly from those you have interviewed!


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