Affiliate Rockstar Status Review

Affiliate Rockstar Status Review


Every affiliate marketer out there would like to acquire affiliate rockstar status, drive fancy cars, live in a big house, go on vacation all over the world and act like a rockstar, right? Of course they would, you are probably one of ’em.

The sad news though, is that most affiliate marketers don’t make any money. That’s right, some of them don’t even get a single paycheck and that’s because most of what’s available on the internet to teach the affiliate game is a bunch of crap. You bet, it’s a downright  sad status scam.


There’s a simple answer to that. Why do you think the top affiliate gurus would want to give away their secrets that let them earn tens of thousands of dollars per month? These are closely guarded secrets folks, and even if you pay $47, $75 or $175 for their ebook or scammy program, they still aren’t going to give you the details on what earns them the big money.

Well, now all that has changed with the introduction of Affiliate Rockstar Status, the new ebook from Eric Rockefeller and Chris Mcneeney of Day Job Killer fame. Affiliate Rockstar Status is the guide on the newest techniques in what the authors call “direct linking” using Google AdWords and several other techniques. These mostly unknown tips and tricks will finally put the average affiliate into what they claim as Rockstar Status.

But let’s talk about the new “direct linking” techniques for just a minute. Oh, by the way, I’m not just some shmuck who read the sales page, I actually bought the product. Now, about direct linking. As a Clickbank affiliate and with many other affiliate programs, you can link directly to a product sales page through your Google AdWords advertising. But Affiliate Rockstar Status takes that one step further and shows you how to direct link and pay 1 cent or less for your clicks.

This technique is so amazing you will be surprised you didn’t think of it yourself. You will never look at your AdWords account the same again and it will make you look at another section of your account you might have not even known was there. Only 2% of the people using AdWords know how to do this and only 1% of those people do it correctly.

Now the bad news: This technique is by no means easy. In fact, it’s rather difficult and most people won’t even bother doing it because of the complexity involved.

Now the good news about the bad news: This is actually good news because for those that take the time to implement this one technique, there will be very little competition and those will be the affiliate marketers that rake in tons of cash.

Some of the techniques in Affiliate Rockstar Status are rather sneaky and may not work for much longer than a year or so. However, this direct linking method may be fairly sneaky, but should work for a long time because there’s nothing illegal about it. There just aren’t that many people that are going to bother to take the time to do it. And remember, that’s good news for you.


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