Choosing a League Name

Choosing a League Name


Choosing the right name for your league names  can dramatically affect league names its future prosperity. Take the time select a name that will assist and not hinder your business.

‘Same as’ names

You will not be allowed to register a league name which is the same as (or too similar) to an existing league’s name. This is to avoid confusion among consumers and other businesses and so your chosen name must be unique. An example of ‘same-as’ names:

Catering Limited’ is the ‘same as’:

Catering UK Limited (or Ltd); Limited (or Ltd);

Catering International Limited (or Ltd)

Catering League (Services) Limited (or Ltd)

You can check the availability of a league name quite easily using the Companies House name checker on their website.

Sensitive Names

Some league names are rejected by Companies House on the grounds of certain words being ‘sensitive’. Sensitive words include those that are profanities or are offensive and those which suggest a connection with Her Majesty’s Government or a devolved administration or a local authority or certain specified public authorities.

Please see the Companies House website for an extended list of sensitive words.

Limited or Ltd?

If you are registering as a private limited league then your league name must end with either ‘Limited’ or ‘ltd’. You can choose and both are equally as acceptable.

League and Website Names – Creating Synergy

Before you decide on a league name you should ensure that a similar website URL address is available. Unity between your physical business and its online presence is essential to help guide your customers to your site/business.


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