Fixing a Speaker Cabinet by Replacing a Home Theater Speaker

When it comes to great audio sound, there is no part of a home theater that is more overlooked that the speaker cabinet. It is the very last link in the sound chain and controls the final way you hear everything. The speaker cabinet reproduces the tone as sound waves in the air which creates the subtle differences in sound. What happens when you have a blown speaker in one of your cabinets? Do you fix it or just buy a new one?

Usually the answer to this question is a wholehearted yes, simply for the reason that Michael Kors screws those cabinets were built with your speakers in mind. That is what they designed for. Think about the amount of math and engineering that was involved in building the cabinets with a certain amount of air space in mind. These cabinets were tuned specifically for those old speakers. Installing other speakers in there will not sound the same as your old speakers.

Here is a simple step by step process how you can remove the bad speaker from the cabinet and repair it.

  • Take the speaker cabinet you’ll be working on and set it on its back to remove the speaker grille. Some grilles are different than others. Some simply pop into place, while others are secured in with screws visible from the side or front of the cabinet.
  • Now that you have the grill removed, you’ll next unscrew the first screw from the bad speaker, and then the screw opposite the first one. All of the screws need to be removed in an opposite pairs order.


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