Good Parents – Difficult Kids – Part 1

One of my sisters suggested a post on 성인용품 parents and bad kids. There are bad parents out there. They provide everything or nothing for their kids. They do not allow them to experience any struggle or they don’t protect their kids from what is truly dangerous to the kids’ bodies, minds or souls. They are very bad parents not because of all they do but because they do not do the one most important thing: develop character in their child. A friend recently told me of the experience she had of seeing a parent confronted with proof that his child was cheating and the parent denying even the possibility (in the face of the evidence) that his child was cheating because the child was being raise in a Christian home. That parent at that point in time because he chose not to see the nature of his child’s heart was a very bad parent. There are good parents who raise very good kids. There are bad parents who raise bad kids. This makes sense. Garbage in, garbage out is truism in our computer centric society. What is seemly inexplicable is people with poor parenting skills raising good kids. Inexplicable but in its odd way delightful, the triumph of nature over nurture. What is heartbreaking to any parent is when you try your best and the kids choose self- will over good. The kids don’t see their behavior as self-willed. They want freedom, adventure, privilege, acceptance, whatever. The heart wants what the heart wants and they don’t care the cost to themselves or anyone else. The Bible calls this self-willfulness our sin nature. Article Source:

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