How to Buy a Diamond – The 4 Biggest Mistakes When Buying a Diamond – And How to Avoid Them

being inside the diamond commercial enterprise for over 25 years has proven the customers who make the worst decisions are those who don’t know what they’re doing, or they found out just enough to be “dangerous”. likewise, the ones who’ve some primary expertise constantly make wiser selections getting plenty greater price for his or her cash.

the following is a listing of the 4 most commonplace errors.

1) schooling

the number 1 mistake human beings make while shopping for a diamond isn’t getting a fundamental training. they grow to be shopping for a diamond of less splendor and price than they may have had for the identical budget. with the internet it is enormously easy to study the basics of diamonds so that you aren’t absolutely inside the darkish. now not knowing what you’re doing can cost you dearly in bucks, fine, value and splendor.

mastering what you are doing will pay off in a huge manner. you’ll become with a diamond of far greater beauty and cost… and respect your diamond greater, especially while you be aware that your diamond seems to have greater amazing hearth and brilliance than most other people’s diamonds. you may also get proper price to your cash. most people pay some distance greater for diamonds than they have to!

there may be far extra to diamonds than simply the 4 c’s however most internet sites simplest provide you with a paragraph or on every and forestall right there. expertise is power. make the effort to examine as plenty as you could.

2) fake marketing

the vintage adage, “if it sounds too right to be genuine, it usually is” truly holds actual in terms of diamonds. some of the commercials are truly laughable to people who apprehend diamonds. for instance each metropolis has a jewelry save who will run ads that sound like this. “two carat diamond appraised for $38,000 on sale nowadays for $five,000”. this sort of ad is completely ridiculous. it famous an appraisal this is grossly misguided and inflated and a 2 carat diamond of extraordinarily very low first-class. or you may see an ad for a three carat ring for $6000. this sounds tremendous until you find out it’s miles three carats “total weight” made up of small diamonds which might be a whole lot much less valuable than one huge diamond.

many people try and discover a good buy on ebay or craigslist. many commercials will appear to be this: “diamond ring, paid $6,000 will sacrifice, selling for $4,500”. generally, the hoop become appraised at $6,000 now not bought for $6,000 and a selling charge of $4,500 absolutely isn’t any good deal in any respect. value determinations are constantly drastically better than proper marketplace fee. additionally, many diamonds that appear like they have a great rate are clearly “readability improved” diamonds. these are extremely low clarity diamonds with massive inclusions that are full of a silicon like substance making them appear cleanser. this is not exact! they’re by no means well worth what you pay and the filler can pop out leaving you with a diamond that looks like a shattered ice dice. my advice is to in no way, ever buy a “readability more suitable” diamond.

it’s far very difficult to discover a bargain on ebay or craigslist due to the fact the majority paid way too much for his or her diamonds and maximum of these diamonds are usually poorly reduce diamonds providing you with les brilliance than you could have.

3) certifications and value determinations

with regards to diamonds, it’s now not just the scale (or weight) however the high-quality also that determines the price. simply 1 or 2 grades difference in the readability, shade or cut makes a big distinction in the actual value. unless you’re an professional you actually don’t know the true great of a diamond, except it has a “certification”. that is extraordinary than an appraisal which any earrings shop can print up. a certification is a diamond grading report created through a gemological laboratory. the diamond is despatched to the lab loose (not set into earrings) and thoroughly tested. there’s no is no economic fee placed on the report, just a description of the burden, readability, shade and reduce (proportions and pleasant of the reduce) of the diamond. a certification is what you need! but… no longer all certifications are identical.

allow’s evaluation the 2 maximum popular labs that certify diamonds, gia and egl. the truth is gia (gemological institute of the united states) is the maximum strict and dependable of all of the certifications. gia units the same old inside the enterprise and is the most authoritative and preferred certification to have. then there is egl (ecu gemological laboratories), which is known to be a great deal greater lenient than gia. if gia grades a diamond as an h color, egl will grade it as a g or f (better). if gia grades the readability as an si1, egl will grade it as a vs2 (better). most jewelers and dealers sell diamonds with egl certifications due to the fact the diamond will seem to be better great making it a better fee.

you could compare 2 diamonds being provided for sale that supposedly have the same genuine weight, colour, clarity and reduce the most effective distinction being that one has a gia cert and the other has an egl cert. you will constantly notice that the egl diamond is a miles decrease fee. is that one a better deal? no, on no account. it sincerely is a decrease fine. you’ll don’t have any idea what the true grade of that diamond is. to make subjects worse, there are 10 egl labs round the arena and all of them grade to distinctive requirements, a few a lot more leniently than others!

the solution? easy….while you are shopping for a diamond, stay with a gia certified diamond. any diamond may be despatched to gia for certification for a noticeably small charge. many dealers will let you know that egl is simply as strict, however they will refuse to ship the diamond to gia even if you offer. it will get a decrease grading. the primary manner to guard your funding is to live with gia certified diamonds simplest!

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