Planets In The Houses

Planets In The Houses


First a reminder of the concerns of each House in your Chart. Houses are areas or segments numbered in an anticlockwise sequence and refer to particular well established interests identified not only through tradition but verified by astrological research over many recent decades e.g.

1st refers to appearance and personality (this house or segment begins on the left horizon and downward 30°) Mars in the 5th house  followed by…..
2nd possessions and finance
3rd family, mental interests and travel
4th domestic and property
5th pleasures and education
6th health and service
7th marriage and partnerships
8th life plans, deaths and legacies
9th philosophy and religion
10th career and worldly status
11th social life and friendships
12th limitations and karmic difficulties

Planets are named in Astrology – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and still includes Pluto as a planet. If, say your First House – that is the house that is in the process of appearing above the horizon- shows the presence of one of the planets it will influence, modify or intensify the existent influence of the zodiacal sign claiming that segment. The same applies to each House. The following provides examples only. For accurate interpretation you must consult with your professional astrologer in order to be satisfied as to the affect of each planetary position in each specific house in your chart.

The Sun in ….
First house – would tend towards an outgoing sunny personality
Second – increase material fortune and wealth (not always money)
Third – indicate abundant interest in studies intellectual or gaining mental power
Fourth – show a fortunate, loving, family and positive home environment
Fifth – very positive outgoing physical energy and creativity
Sixth – positive influence upon health and stamina
Seventh – happiness in partnerships and marriage
Eighth – positive plans likely to succeed and attract health and fortune
Ninth – a great interest in deeper philosophy and spiritual matters
Tenth – a great indication of worldly success and social status
Eleventh – possibly a wide circle of acquaintances and love of social life
Twelfth – an ability to overcome difficulties and rise above suffering

Moon in …
First house – demonstrates a shyness or reticence in a sensitive personality
Second – possibly fluctuating fortunes often because of whims
Third – choice of interest in the humanities in search to understand others
Fourth – strong attachment to mother and attraction to female company in general
Fifth – work has a strong emotional context and relationships romantically enhanced
Sixth – tendency to overdo work and stress out to harm nerves
Seventh – reactionary in relationships, reacting to others and their emotions
Eighth – unusual and emotional issues regarding circumstances
Ninth – the nature would be sensitive to invisible influences
Tenth- possible changes to be anticipated in work issues
Eleventh- working with people is likely in some welfare sphere
Twelfth – problems regarding unexpected antagonisms from others

Mercury in….
First – classical mercurial temperament can expect love of change and travel
Second- finances usually involved in affairs or matters related to travel or public relations
Third – great love of travel, physically and intellectually
Fourth – home interests are nurturing, interesting and family relationships good
Fifth – inclines toward numerous love affairs or centering focus on love itself
Sixth – nervous system can suffer by anxiety or restlessness, travel or work stress
Seventh – good relationships with partner, friends and by correspondence
Eighth – caution is required to strengthen the nervous system to avoid mental strain
Ninth – indicates travel and helpful co-operation with work of partner
Tenth – good for journalism and administration in matters of communication
Eleventh- indicates usually good relationships with intellectual exchange
Twelfth – care is needed not to offend or criticise others by writing or public statement


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