Reasons Why You Should Not Choose a $0.30 Photo Retouching Service

When it comes to patronizing companies who render photo retouching service, there is something you should understand. This is the fact that their prices usually vary. There are some that are dirt cheap while others are pretty costly. There is no doubt that you will always be tempted to hire the services of an individual that is promising to render photo editing services for only $0.30. This is only a decision that will do you more harm than good.

In case you are wondering how such a decision can affect you, ensure to read this post from beginning to the end. It will be exposing some of the reasons why you should never hire photo retoucher that charges $0.3.

What is a Photo Retoucher or Photo Editor?

A photo editor is someone who renders photo editing services such as clipping path, background removal, color correction, image masking, shadow addition, image resizing or cropping, etc. Meanwhile, a photo retoucher offers retouching services such as newborn retouching, model retouching, headshot retouching ghost mannequin, and high-end retouching. In other words, both specialize in editing photos to make them look much better for specific purposes. And both could offer the same services or offer all at the same time. There are various photo retouchers or editors that you will come across especially on the internet. Some are professionals while others are not. The former group of photo retouchers usually charge very high prices for their services while the latter group charge as low as $0.3 with the intention of getting lots of clients. Below is why you shouldn’t fall for such a bait.

Poor Editing Skills

Poor editing is probably one of the major implications of using any of those $0.30 photo retouching services that you will stumble upon across the internet. Cheap photo retouching services usually come with a price that you will be paying without knowing to get a good result. Whenever you hire photo retoucher, expectations are high. For example, you wanted an image to be retouched which means editing will be made and that the result should be something close to the original photo. An amateur could be missing the details or might overdo some. So, in the end, the image result will look totally different which is not what you instructed.

This is when you can tell that the retouching service is cheap and falls short of expectations. There are instances when a client would be frustrated and can’t even use or post the edited photos due to how they have been poorly edited. The colors in the eye, skin and other parts of the body don’t match what’s in the original picture. So you should know the important considerations before deciding to hire a photo retoucher.

Some photo retouchers rendering cheap services across freelancing platforms are not using the best editing tools. They could be amateurs who promise and show false credentials. This is why the finished photos can’t seem to meet the expectations of customers. The truth is that you don’t expect to get a finished work valued at $10 after paying $0.30. This is the secret that most people rendering cheap photo retouching services won’t reveal to you. Instead, they prefer to make promises that will convince you to patronize their services.

It is even worse when you are trying to use such photos for marketing and business purposes. This is because your brand will be misrepresented thereby leading to poor performances. In a worst-case scenario, you could lose the trust of your customers.

How to Hire The Best One?

Having known the implication of hiring a photo retoucher that renders cheap services, there is no doubt that you are looking for how to hire the best. You will need to exercise caution in order to get good value for your money. Below are some tips that help you hire photo retoucher that can deliver the best image results.

1. Consider experience

Even if you are searching for an affordable photo retouching service, never ignore the experience of a photo retouching company or an individual photo editor. In other words, you must find out more about how long the company has been rendering retouching services. How are their previous experiences working with clients? This can ensure your photos are in good hands, polished and of high quality based on years of work experience.

2. Consider Portfolio

Any tangible proof of their previous creative endeavors should show how well they work and how skilled they are. They are only as good as they say they are through their portfolio. If a company is claiming to offer the best photo retouching services, it is important you check out its past work. They should be able to provide you with this and in all honesty. Make comparisons between edited photos and their original files.

3. Consider Reviews

Customers are your best bet to get a real basis on how really they work, how good they are. See the reviews and know how the company or individual has been able to offer some of the best photo editing services in the past. Try to visit online forums and communities before deciding to hire a photo retoucher. There must be someone to show you a company that renders professional retouching services.

Bottom line

Based on the above, it is obvious that when it comes to hiring someone who renders a photo retouching service for $0.30, there are always some implications. This will cost you more in the long run than imagined which may be or may not be good. Make close and careful considerations. Try to stick with companies that will offer you good value for money. You can learn more about professional photo editing and retouching services at

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